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In addition to the amazing total of £1,073.00 we raised for MIND, a further £120.00 was collected by our students.  The Holloway family suggested that a worthy recipient would be  Kibworth Primary School for their Wellbeing Week.  They even made a presentation in the school assembly and the head teacher penned a lovely thank you letter which is attached in the slideshow for you to read.

Thanks again to all of our students who made this great day so special.


We have received a lovely letter and certificate from Mind thanking us for all our help.  They are uploaded to the slide show………………….

A massive £1,073.00 Raised for MIND by our amazing and kind karate students.  What a fabulous effort from all who were involved and all who made your very much appreciated donations……

We started our MIND event at a steady pace with a simple first technique called “gedan Barai” (Lower downward block) and finished 90 minutes later on a 21 technique combination.  Yes, you read that correctly TWENTY ONE simultaneously performed standing techniques x 3 repetitions

1st technique gedan barai
2nd technique uraken
3rd technique gyaku tsuki
4th technique ushiro empi
5th technique gyaku tsuki
6th technique kizami tsuki
7th technique gyaku tsuki
8th technique gedan barai
9th technique age uke
10th technique soto uke
11th technique kizami tsuki
12th technique gyaku tsuki
13th technique shuto uke
14th technique mae ashi geri
15th technique nukite (chudan)
16th technique shuto uke
17th technique nukite (jodan)
18th technique shuto uchi
19th technique mae geri
20th technique gyaku tsuki
21st technique gedan barai

Thank you once again to everyone involved for such a brilliant effort.

Domo Arigato Gozaimasu


 #veryproudsensei #thankyouformakingourclubawesome

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