Kokoro Karate Dojo Kyu Grading

Congratulations to Sharon Terry, Michelle & Kate Seabrook, Stephanie & Farlan McBurney who all passed a well deserved grading today.  The attached sweaty photographs prove the hard work you all put in and I am delighted to say that your karate skills are developing nicely and so too is your understanding of kihon, kata and kumite.  Keep up the good work and a very well done from sensei Tim.

From brown belt (3rd Kyu) to brown and white belt (2nd Kyu);

  • Sharon Terry

From yellow belt (7th Kyu) to green belt (6th Kyu);

  • Michelle Seabrook
  • Kate Seabrook

From orange belt (9th Kyu) to red belt (8th Kyu);

  • Stephanie McBurney
  • Farlan McBurney Jones

Thank you for your continued support, we look forward to helping you achieve your next level.

Watashitachi wa anata no tsugi no reberu o tassei suru no o tanoshiminishiteimasu

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