Conroy Karate Bunkai Seminar – REVISED DETAILS


Date:    Saturday 14th April 2018
Time:   14.00 to 16.00 (Please note – this time has changed)
Place:   Littlethorpe Karate Club, Littlethorpe Village Hall, Biddle Road, Littlethorpe
Cost:     £15.00 each (minimum fee, all proceeds will be used to help a friend in need)

Sensei Tony Conroy (8th dan) will be holding a bunkai seminar exploring the practical applications within Shotokan Karate Kata.  As your club sensei has explained we would be grateful to receive a small donation even if you can’t make it on the day.

Bunkai (分解), literally meaning “analysis” or “disassembly”, is a term used in Japanese martial arts referring to process of analysing kata and extracting fighting techniques from the movements of a “form” (kata). The extracted fighting techniques are called Oyo.

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