Kokoro Karate Dojo Kyu Grading

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Congratulations to all students who successfully completed their grading today,  You all showed tremendous spirit and worked extremely hard to obtain your new belts.

Photographs attached so feel free to have a browse.

From brown belt (3rd Kyu) to brown and white belt (2nd Kyu);

  • Adam Gaskell
  • Sarah Miles

From purple and white belt (4th Kyu) to brown belt (3rd Kyu);

  • Neil Ward

From green belt (6th Kyu) to purple belt (5th Kyu);

  • Sharon Terry

From red belt (8th Kyu) to yellow belt (7th Kyu);

  • Laurence Niblett

A very rare “DOUBLE GRADING” from white belt (10th Kyu) to red belt (8th Kyu) are;

  • Victor Velasquez
  • Nell Marshall

From orange belt (9th Kyu) to red belt (8th Kyu) are;

  • Trafford Marshall
  • Matt Turner
  • Luke Turner 
  • Jenny Allen
  • Molly Allen

Thank you for your continued support,
We look forward to helping you achieve your next level.

Go shien itadaki arigatōgozaimasu

Watashitachi wa anata no tsugi no reberu o tassei suru no o tanoshiminishiteimasu



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