Conroy Karate Competition

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Wow…what a fabulous day we all had.  Thank you so much to Sensei Tony and Lynne for organising todays competition.  It is fair to say that every single one who attended, from the kids to the adults walked away with some fabulous memories and some well earned silverware.


The Kokoro Karate Dojo (formerly Kibworth Karate) contingent fought hard for success, outright winners of three of the four kumite finals and winning one of the kata finals.  We achieved numerous second and third placed trophies too and medals for the runners up.


I am so proud of absolutely every single one of you WELL DONE and thank you for making the effort to attend.


A small selection of photos are here but please check in at the CONROY KARATE web site for the full set




Ishi to mizu to no ma no tōsōde wa,-ji ga tatsu to mizu ga katsu


In the struggle between the stone and water, in time, the water wins

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